“I had the pleasure of coaching Marci in college and on the US Women’s National Team. Marci was a great leader on both teams. In college, Marci was a “warrior” on the field and led by example. You knew what commitment looked like by just watching Marci play. On the US National Team, Marci found a way to bring her teammates together. Marci was the “glue” that brought different types of people together. If you are looking to get more out of yourself or a team, I would encourage you connect with Marci. She always gave everything she had and found a way to bring out the best in everyone around her.”

Greg Ryan
US Women’s National Team Coach 2004-2007

“Marci is one of the most compassionate and dedicated coaches that I have had the fortune to work with. Her informative training sessions allow players the ability to thrive and grow in that environment. Her ability to share her own experiences and wisdom while still allowing others around her to express their own abilities is a true leader in every sense of the word.”

Kris Peat
Women’s Soccer – Associate Head Coach, University of Denver
Former Assistant Coach, Atlanta Beat WUSA

“If you’re looking for someone to inspire your team or organization, someone to give your team or organization motivation, Marci is that person. I have been blessed to be involved in several motivational speeches from her. Her positive energy is infectious and the message she delivers is one that gives everyone listening hope and a drive to go on and be better at whatever it is they do. Marci is a phenomenal speaker and uses her real-life stories, stories every single person can identify with, to inspire people to be better at their jobs, better in their relationships, better in whatever it is they choose to focus on.”

Lebaron Hollimon
Women’s Soccer Head Coach, California State University, San Bernardino

“I have had the opportunity to know Marci since her youth. One thing remains true in those 30 years is that she is a leader and pushes those around her to be better. Her ability to take her experiences and help those around her learn and grow is a unique attribute she possesses. She uses soccer as a vehicle to teach about life and I am inspired by that!”

Bret Hall
Former Pro Player Chicago Sting/Chicago Power, NASL, MISL, NPSL
Founder and Head Coach at Bridges FC
Assistant US National Team Coach 2004-2007

“Marci Jobson has a great passion for the sport of soccer. What drives her is being able to take those she works with and develop them physically, mentally, and spiritually. She modeled it as a player, developed it as a coach, and now excels at it in training. Whether an athlete or coach, you will greatly benefit, now and when your days of competition are over, by going through her academy.”

Ben Johnson
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Multi Area Director

“One of the most valuable things I learned playing for Marci and Paul was how to train and compete with an unconquerable spirit. This is different than being determined or having a strong will to win. An unconquerable spirit is Gods strength and will inside of a person. I’ve seen now that there are a lot of great coaches and players out there, but without this piece, they will always be ordinary. Marci taught me that He uses broken and weak people, like myself, to bring Him glory. He knows that if we try to do it on our own that will not succeed. What I learned playing for them goes far beyond the soccer field and has changed me forever.”

Bri Campos
Pro soccer player, Aland United Finland

“As a college and professional player who has had the fortune of working with Marci and Paul, I must say that t they are the type of people you cross paths with and cannot help but to be changed. They walk the walk and challenge those around them to do the same in a gentle and honest way. They have forever impacted my life and have showed me what it truly means to be a Christian both on and off the field. I am motivated to be a better sister, daughter, teammate, friend, future wife, and future mother because of the endless love they have shown me.”

Hanna Gilmore
Former Chicago Red Stars Pro player

“Other camps we have attended have been co-ed. My daughter loves this camp because it is very challenging and she bonds with the female coaches who are very good role models. I very much appreciated Marci’s comments at the closing ceremony about the importance of school, nutrition, fitness and a well-rounded person. That is exactly what I try to teach my daughter, and she came away from camp with validation of that from coaches that she really likes and respects. Thank you and Great Job!”

Parent Feedback
Advanced Academy Camper

“Thank you! This is the first overnight camp my daughter has been to and I must say we felt the schedule was packed effectively to get the most soccer we can for the dollar! The girls were challenged and the level of play was excellent. The last day of our getting to watch the matches was appreciated. My daughter thought the camp was great, loved watching the Baylor players demonstrate and being exposed to girls at more competitive levels of play. Thanks again and if she has the opportunity she will certainly be out there next year!”

Parent Feedback
Advanced Academy Camper

“First I want to let you know that every time my daughter called home she was on a rush of adrenaline and she couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she was having and how much she was learning from the staff and the older girls. Your staff must be awesome because my daughter said they were not only friendly but very instructive on helping her get better. I just wanted you to know that my daughter not only will be attending every camp from now on but she said she plans on playing for your team one day.”

Parent Feedback
Advanced Academy Camper

“I would say this camp was the most organized and put together camp of all of the camps we have attended. There is more attention to individual players, report card is much more personalized, coaches are a major part of camp, players had more interaction and supervision of campers. The coaches’ assessment and communication to parents of the assessment was superior! I very much appreciated the multiple looks/assessments given to my daughter!”

Parent Feedback
Advanced Academy Camper

“I went to the God in Your Game event and then to our game right after. I felt closer with the Lord and more confident knowing He helps me in any situation. I had a game this morning, and I read the Promises of God booklet before the game and I felt more relaxed playing, knowing that He was watching over me.”

Emma Jones
God in Your Game participant


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