As lifelong Christian elite athletes, we’ve gotten to experience firsthand what it means to Compete FOR Christ.

Our God in Your Game leadership team brings unique professional and national team experiences that have become the blueprint for this special curriculum.

Our hope is to challenge athletes to take their thinking and relationship with God to another level as they apply their learning to both game preparation and performance.

As former players and coaches, we know what is means to walk out onto a field with hearts filled with fear and doubt. Through years of sharpening our spiritual thinking, we’ve learned to grow through adversity to initiate actions and understand outcomes that are guided by God’s promises for us to grow.

We connect God to our Game by looking at things from God’s viewpoint instead of our own viewpoint. You can think God’s word and apply it to your circumstances instead of letting your emotions control your immediate reaction. The resulting stability, confidence, and poise under pressure is how you outwardly “connect God to your game.” This ability to think under pressure and handle difficult circumstances on the soccer field provides the opportunity to become a witness for Christ, and this is what it truly means to be a Christian athlete.


In our sessions, we will sharpen HOW you think and your action plan around:

  • Your individual relationship with Christ—how to develop and deepen your personal relationship

  • God’s game plan for your life—how to explore the game plan for your life to experience and live with spiritual victories

The God in Your Game sessions can be offered one-on-one, and with both male/female teams and groups.

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