Next Level Warrior Training

For the athlete that is ready to take the next step in their game.

Is your athlete looking to take that next step in their game? If so, we are excited to introduce Next Level Warrior Training!


Next Level Warrior Training is the best place for young athletes, male and female alike, to seek more in their training. Next Level Warrior Training is for 8-12-year-old athletes that:


  • Desire to grow physically in their soccer skills, strength and fitness.


  • Desire to be pushed mentally to overcome adversity and see hardships as opportunities.


  • Desire to recognize Jesus as God of their game by training for the kingdom on the field and living it off the field. This is for athletes that want to walk THE WAY of the warrior in all aspects of life.


If your child commits to this eight-week training, we guarantee…


  • …practical instruction in the Warrior Way which incorporates the discipline of thinking God’s Word and embracing the character of Christ on and off the field.


  • … a competitive training environment in which athletes earn victory, experience loss and hardship, and embrace the lessons that come with both.


  • … active mentor-ship. Our coaches and mentors offer high level soccer instruction AND impactful life coaching, emphasizing character first and never lowering the standard of athletic excellence.


  • … increased ability to self-evaluate. Athletes are accountable to others but must first be accountable to themselves and develop the discipline necessary to face the steep hill of life.


  • … accountability outside of training. We will hold Next Level Warriors accountable to the character standards of our training in their own homes, teams, schools, and churches.


Through Next Level Warrior Training, we believe young athletes will become Christian warriors, set apart by humility, passion, discipline, resilience and the character of Christ they need to play and live differently. All people of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. If your son or daughter is age 8-12 and eager to take the next step in their game and life, we hope to see you there!



For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you RISE up to your next level.

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